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Microwave Reaction Workstation MAS-II plus


  • 50~1000mL의 다양한 용기, 액세서리를 이용한 다양한 스케일 반응 가능
  • Dual-channel temperature detection(DTD) 기술을 이용한 정밀 온도 측정
  • 경제적인 모델
  • 마이크로웨이브 출력은 설정 온도 기준으로 정밀하게 조절
  • 모델명

    MAS-II plus

    Power supply

    220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 9A

    Microwave source

    2450MHz, 0-1000W continous and automatic adjustment with temperature programming, PID technology

    Microwave oven cavity

    Stainless steel cavity with large volume, multilayer anticorrosive PFA Teflon painting.

    Temperature measurement control system

    Dual-channel temperature detection(DTD) technology, automatic judgement temperature measurement mode. Infrared temperature measurement range 0℃ to 900℃ with deviation of ±1℃, Pt100 thermocouple temperature measurement range 0 to 300℃ with deviation of ±1℃.

    Operating temperature

    Standard configuration instrument’s maximum operating temperature is 300℃ and the maximum theoretical operating temperature is 900℃ (peculiar configuration).

    Video system

    Standard configuration photographic device built-in furnace chamber and 7’’ color TFT-LCD monitor. Reaction process will be displayed in time.

    Stirring system

    Standard configuration magnetic stirring system with revolving speed of 30 to 1600 rpm/min, digital mechanical paddle-type stirring system with revolving speed of 30 to 1700 rpm/min.

    Reaction vessel

    50-1000mL standard reaction vessel, condenser, backflow and liquid adding accessory.

    Complete machine physical size

    450Wx515Dx510Hmm, 30kg